We start with the .080” USA made Kydex, high quality steel screws and backing posts with an over-the-belt clip made from near indestructible Nylon 6 compound.  A 2ml pillow pack of Vibra-Tite VC-3 thread locking agent to use on the attachment hardware.  We prefer this over standard thread locker as it allows several adjustments and removals before needing re-application.

The previously mentioned clip is available in 1.5” or 1.75” and adjustable for height as well as forward and rearward cant, allowing the holster to be worn in multiple positions to suit the users comfort and needs.  In an effort to reduce printing, we have also added a small Raven Concealment Systems Claw, that helps to cam the grip closer to the body.  This part is removable and completely optional in its use but comes standard with all AIWB/IWB holsters. 

Like our flagship Full Coverage Holster, our AIWB/IWB is modular in its design.  The eyelet holes on the slide side of the holster are there to allow attachment of magazine carriers, light carriers, knife sheath, an additional belt loop or even another holster if you’d like to dual weild!

The AIWB/IWB can be ordered with or without a sweat guard, though it will come standard with on.  Three color options are currently available for the outward facing side to help speed up the production process with more colors being added over time.  Those colors are: Black, Coyote Tan and Gunmetal Grey($5 additional for colors other than Black).

**Item ships in approx. 10 to 14 business days.


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